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Laser Skin Tightening

skin_tighteningaeroIf loose skin associated with underarm, cheeks, neck area, abdomen, knees or other areas are becoming troublesome then skin tightening lasers may offer you the solution to avoid surgery, excessive expense or downtime associated with other treatments. Skin tightening lasers can be used wherever loose skin is indicated on the body and is safe and effective for all body areas where there is no prominent bony structures.

Skin tightening for all body areas use infrared laser energies to heat the reticular dermis to effect tightening of the skin. The Aerolase NEO laser heats the lower dermis responsible for skin contraction and results are achieved in a manner of a few treatments. As part of the process, the 1064 ND-YAG laser system  will coagulate the upper dermis where collagen is created and will rebuild and repair collagen leading to healthier, denser skin as well as skin tightening. Our laser can either be utililized in the face or in larger body areas such as the thighs, abdomen, or flanks. The treatments are safe for all skin types with no age restrictions and the typical treatment takes (30) minutes or less depending upon the body area.

As stated prior, there are (2) different ways of creating skin tightening and are not independent of each other and in fact are complimentary to the other. Collagen stimulation or remodeling is used to increase skin density and in turn causes the skin to become more taught and stretched. Collagen shrinkage is used when the lower reticular dermis is wounded and there is a contraction of the reticular dermis thus creating the skin tightening effect. Together, facial atrophy, facial wrinkling, and large body premature wrinkling can be corrected.

Collagen remodeling require an inflammatory response of the skin to heat, typically this is done at the papillary dermis. This controlled wounding stimulates fibroblast activity (collagen growth) that replaces lost collagen. Collagen shrinkage is achieved by bulk heating of various body and facial areas that will cause the collagen shrinkage in the papillary dermis thus achieving the contraction of the skin.

Results will vary between individuals depending upon present skin condition, age, and overall health. Typical protocols require 3-5 treatments but results can vary based upon the amount of skin tightening desired, the area for skin tightening, and the total area requested. The treatments are not painful, there is no need for anesthetic, and there is no “downtime” to the procedures. Final results last between 6-12 months depending upon lifestyle issues and maintenance is required for long-term results. Individuals that fluxuate in weight, do not exercise, or continue to damage the skin (i.e. UV rays) may not achieve the long-term results as compared to others and the results will be more temporary unless additional maintenance procedures are performed.