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Hair Loss Treatment

hairlossHair loss can have a dramatic effect on your appearance and self-esteem. At HLCC®, we create individualized treatment programs that provide safe, effective results for hair loss of all types and all levels of severity. HLCC’s multi-therapeutic approach combines hair loss treatment products of the highest quality with low-level laser hair therapy systems clinically proven to encourage hair growth. We’re excited to have the opportunity to treat your hair loss and restore your confidence.

Hair loss is difficult, and often, unexpected. It can make you feel ashamed of or embarrassed about your appearance, or make it difficult for you to feel presentable. It doesn’t have to!
At HLCC®, we understand this, and that’s why we’ve devoted decades to helping our clients achieve the best hair loss treatment experiences.
We want our clients to not only regain their hair, but regain their confidence, as well.
Our multi-therapeutic treatment solutions combine low-level laser hair therapy technology with our patented hair loss products for maximum effectiveness. We examine your hair to identify the best approach to stopping your hair loss and changing your hair growth patterns. You can feel confident that we treat every client’s case individually – we want you to see results, so we take the time to determine what we believe will be the most effective solution for you.
If you are struggling with hair loss, you are not alone.

What To Expect During Your Consultation
We don’t just want to hear about your hair. We need to know about your overall health, as well as your hair loss condition, before we can prescribe any recommended treatment. We’ll ask about your: medical history lifestyle hair care routine scalp diet genetics and ethnicity The more you can tell us about your health and your hair, the better we can tailor a custom treatment plan for you. We might recommend one of our hair loss programs, or a mix of individual products. We’ll look at your hair, your goals and your budget to help you achieve the best hair loss solution. Schedule Your Free Hair Loss Consultation!